Monday, 25 June, 2007

Google updated Webmaster guideline

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Recently Google has updated webmaster guideline, in webmaster guideline Google had written more specific information under Quality Guideline – specific guideline

Hidden Text or hidden links – Information about hidden text and hidden links
Cloaking and Sneaky redirects – Information about Cloaking, Java Script Redirects and Doorway pages
Automated quires to Google
Load pages with irrelevant keywords – Information about Keyword Stuffing
Duplicated content – Information about Duplicate Content and how to protect your website from getting banned due to duplication
Pages created that install virus, Trojan, or other badware – Information about websites that spread virus and Trojan and how Google react on such websites
Doorway pages – Information about Cloaking, Sneaky JavaScript Redirects and Doorway pages
Unique content with helpful information that make users to stay on your website
– Information about unique content that effect on website ranking.

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Saturday, 23 June, 2007

Optimize your press releases to get higher rank in search engines

Optimize your press releases to get higher rank in search engines

Self-marketing is an important ingredient to get success in business. There is only one way to accomplish success is by appropriate writing with creative words.

The first thing you should ask, before writing press releases, is when it is appropriate to use them. A news release can be used, for instance, when you win an award, introduce new products or services, open a new office or sponsor an event. The press release aims to connect with the media and is usually the first expected form of communication with the media.

Press releases benefits :

  • Free promotion(marketing). If your press release is convey your views and if it create good impression to editors or admin of the websites you submitted it to, then it will be released, that means free Promotions for you.
  • Improvement of your rankings in search engines (google, yahoo, msn, etc..). Press release will generate more links for your web, and it will useful to achieve better rankings in search engines.
  • You can convey your fresh things or features of your product to your customers.

The better you know how to write a press release, the more successful it will be.

  • Make it interesting and newsworthy. Press releases should always sufficiently interesting to be reported in a newspaper, not an advertisement. Peoples , editors and journalists are not interested in product advertisement they interested in only appropriate NEWS. Press release is for information, that is of importance and of value to their readers. If you have have new creative things then you can get more readers.
  • Write it short and sweet. Try to focus what you want to say in short lines, so it will make easier to read.
  • Stick to the Views. Be honest. If your story sounds too good to be true, then you may end up bruising your own credibility, Avoid exaggerations and embellishments.
  • Use only appropriate words. Don't use unnecessary words or ornate language.
  • Don't use straight way. deflect using "I", "we" and "you", or else your new release will look like an advertisement rather than a news

Structure of press release

  • Header. If you want to publish online then header should be: FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE.
  • Headline. The headline needs to be eye-catching and yet informative. Don’t write in all CAPS, because most online news services will not accept a title in all CAPS.
    Just like a headline in an newspaper. Make sure this describes the content of the story.
  • City, State/Country - Month Day, Year. Press releases should not be sent without a dateline. The dateline is generally placed either under the header and before the headline or at the beginning of the press release body, along with the city and state/country. These details precede the story and familiarize the reader.
  • Body. The first paragraph of the body should include all details like who, what, when, where and why it means actual story. There should be more than one paragraph, each paragraph no more than a few sentences. The second paragraph of the body should detailed on the news and provide further details. if you have more pages, write "-more-" at the bottom of the page.
  • Company/organization info. Include with a short description of who you are and what you do featuring in this press release.
  • Contact Information. Include your contact details with separate line: Contact Info, Contact Name, Company Name, Mailing Address, City/State/Zip or City/Country, Phone, Email, Web.

Friday, 22 June, 2007

Matt Cutts talked about our webmaster guidelines

At SMX Advanced on Monday, Matt Cutts talked about our webmaster guidelines. Later, during Q&A, someone asked about adding more detail to the guidelines: more explanation about violations and more actionable help on how to improve sites. You ask -- we deliver! On Tuesday, Matt told the SMX crowd that we'd updated the guidelines overnight to include exactly those things! We work fast around here. (OK, maybe we had been working on some of it already.)

So, what's new? Well, the guidelines themselves haven't changed. But the specific quality guidelines now link to expanded information to help you better understand how to spot and fix any issues. That section is below so you can click through to explore these new details.

Quality guidelines - specific guidelines

As Riona MacNarmara recently posted in our discussion forum, we are working to expand our webmaster help content even further and want your input. If you have suggestions, please post them in either the thread or as a comment to this post. We would love to hear from you!

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Duplicate Content & Multiple Site Issues

More and more site owners are concerned that they might get penalized accidentally or overtly because of duplicate content. If you run mirror sites, will search engines ban you? If you have listings that are similar in nature, is that an issue? What happens if you syndicate content through RSS and feeds? Will other sites be considered the "real" site and rob you of a rightful place in the search results? This session looks at the issues and explores solutions.

Advanced Advertising Track
Meet The Search Ad Networks
Representatives from major search engines that sell paid listings and other search advertising discuss new aspects to their programs and answer questions in general from the audience.


Contextual Ads Track
Getting Traffic From Contextual Ads
You know about search targeted listings, where your ad shows up based on the keywords someone enters into a search engine. But what about contextual ads, where paid listings show up based on the content of what someone is reading? Programs exist to let you easily move search ads into a contextual environment. But should you? This session offers tips and advice for those coming at these offerings from a search marketing perspective.


Google, Yahoo and Microsoft most biggest of Search Engine field agree on Sitemap standard

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Microsoft has added some information, on how to identify the different types of their MSNbot Crawlers, on the Live Search’s WebLog. The different types of the MSNbot are:

Main web crawler (

Images & all other media (

News and blogs (

Products & shopping (

Academic search (

They also explain a method, to verify the identy of the MSNbot. Might be useful, since a lot of spam bots are cloaking themself as searchengine crawlers.

  1. When you get a page view request, it specifies a user-agent and an IP address. As I described above, all requests from Live Search use a user agent starting with the word ‘MSNBot’.
  2. If you see the MSNBot user-agent, it’s time to check the identity of the bot. Starting with the IP address (i.e., you can use reverse DNS lookup to find out the registered name of the machine.
  3. Once you have the host name (in this case,, you can check that it really is coming from Live Search. The name of all live search crawlers will end with ‘’. If the name doesn’t end with ‘’, you know it’s not really our crawler.
  4. Finally, you need to verify that the name is accurate. In order to do this, you can use Forward DNS to see the IP address associated with the host name. This should match the IP address you used in Step 2 – if it doesn’t, it means the name was fake.

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Thursday, 21 June, 2007

New features with

What has the Sitemaps team been up to since we announced We've been busy trying to get Sitemaps adopted by everyone and to make the submission process as easy and automated as possible. To that end, we have three new announcements to share with you.

First, we're making the site available in 18 languages! We know that our users are located all around the world and we want to make it easy for you to learn about Sitemaps, no matter what language you speak. Here is a link to the Sitemap protocol in Japanese and the FAQ in German.

Second, it's now easier for you to tell us where your Sitemaps live. We wondered if we could make it so easy that you wouldn't even have to tell us and every other search engine that supports Sitemaps. But how? Well, every website can have a robots.txt file in a standard location, so we decided to let you tell us about your Sitemap in the robots.txt file. All you have to do is add a line like


to your robots.txt file. Just make sure you include the full URL, including the http://. That's it. Of course, we still think it's useful to submit your Sitemap through Webmaster tools so you can make sure that the Sitemap was processed without any issues and you can get additional statistics about your site

Last but not least, is now also supporting the Sitemap protocol. And with the ability to discover your Sitemaps from your robots.txt file, and any other search engine that supports this change to robots.txt will be able to find your Sitemap file.

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