Saturday, 23 June, 2007

Optimize your press releases to get higher rank in search engines

Optimize your press releases to get higher rank in search engines

Self-marketing is an important ingredient to get success in business. There is only one way to accomplish success is by appropriate writing with creative words.

The first thing you should ask, before writing press releases, is when it is appropriate to use them. A news release can be used, for instance, when you win an award, introduce new products or services, open a new office or sponsor an event. The press release aims to connect with the media and is usually the first expected form of communication with the media.

Press releases benefits :

  • Free promotion(marketing). If your press release is convey your views and if it create good impression to editors or admin of the websites you submitted it to, then it will be released, that means free Promotions for you.
  • Improvement of your rankings in search engines (google, yahoo, msn, etc..). Press release will generate more links for your web, and it will useful to achieve better rankings in search engines.
  • You can convey your fresh things or features of your product to your customers.

The better you know how to write a press release, the more successful it will be.

  • Make it interesting and newsworthy. Press releases should always sufficiently interesting to be reported in a newspaper, not an advertisement. Peoples , editors and journalists are not interested in product advertisement they interested in only appropriate NEWS. Press release is for information, that is of importance and of value to their readers. If you have have new creative things then you can get more readers.
  • Write it short and sweet. Try to focus what you want to say in short lines, so it will make easier to read.
  • Stick to the Views. Be honest. If your story sounds too good to be true, then you may end up bruising your own credibility, Avoid exaggerations and embellishments.
  • Use only appropriate words. Don't use unnecessary words or ornate language.
  • Don't use straight way. deflect using "I", "we" and "you", or else your new release will look like an advertisement rather than a news

Structure of press release

  • Header. If you want to publish online then header should be: FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE.
  • Headline. The headline needs to be eye-catching and yet informative. Don’t write in all CAPS, because most online news services will not accept a title in all CAPS.
    Just like a headline in an newspaper. Make sure this describes the content of the story.
  • City, State/Country - Month Day, Year. Press releases should not be sent without a dateline. The dateline is generally placed either under the header and before the headline or at the beginning of the press release body, along with the city and state/country. These details precede the story and familiarize the reader.
  • Body. The first paragraph of the body should include all details like who, what, when, where and why it means actual story. There should be more than one paragraph, each paragraph no more than a few sentences. The second paragraph of the body should detailed on the news and provide further details. if you have more pages, write "-more-" at the bottom of the page.
  • Company/organization info. Include with a short description of who you are and what you do featuring in this press release.
  • Contact Information. Include your contact details with separate line: Contact Info, Contact Name, Company Name, Mailing Address, City/State/Zip or City/Country, Phone, Email, Web.

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