Friday, 6 July, 2007

Try Google Doc's new interface

A Google Groups launched a new interface for Google Docs which happens to be miles better than the older interface. The Google Docs and Spreadsheets blog also covers the launch and redesign.

What is new?
  • There's a great new look with new icons, more content, and better organizational controls.
  • Explorer view with Folders and files for easy organization.
  • New improved search function
  • You can see documents sory by edited "today," "yesterday," "earlier this month," or "earlier this year."

    New looks of Google Docs:

    as per my opinion, it looks cool. Its nice to see Google Doc's try to keeping the neat, clean and sober interface that helps make Google Doc's an important office tool that anyone can use.

    just thought I would like to share my discovery!

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patel said...

yes ...
this is cool and looking very nice,
it has so many features & also most benefit that we can our data online with tight security